Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion Alert!

The look thats sweeping models off their feet in Milan, New York, And Paris is here! Wavy Curls are in, and are looking fantastic on everyone! Hold onto  your knickers, because these are predicted to be the new ombre and high low.
To create this short, textured look, take the smallest curling iron you have and wrap it around chunks of hair varying from large to small. Make sure each curl is going the opposite way and once youre done, spray with hairspray at the roots. Throw a little gel in your hands and rub it all over your hands and russle your hands through your hair, making sure to increase lots of volume and to let it run wild.  Take your favorite clip and clip some of the layers to the back of your head, and make sure to wear a bold lipstick :)

For these subtule but yet strong waves, take the largest curling iron and make sure to grasp large sections of hair and curl the bottoms of them. Throw your hair to one side and let cool. After about 3 minutes, spray with a little hairspray and brush through the curl. It should be wavy and subtle. Make sure to curl the ends of your layers, and top it off with some dry shampoo for volume.

For the crazy side in a girl, one should try this hairstyle! Get a large 3 barrel curler and crimp your hair from the roots, then brush through with a brush and some hair gel. Try a smokey eye along with this and your outfit will look fantaboulous!

Love Tayler

These are not our photos, just ones we want the whole world to see. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is for our guy followers out there.....

In our culture, it seems that all girls want guys like this. But the only reason we have put labels on people is because of the way society is based. Our economics revolve around a capitalist system, and buisnesses want us to feel bad about ourselves by making us see an unattainable goal, like this picture of a guy, and promising that their product will make you like this, but here is a secret........... This Picture Is Not Real!!! There is no "perfect guy", and sensible girls should see that. For me, i dont look for a guy with a great profile, but a guy that makes me laugh, smile, and makes me feel comfortable.
I know what you are saying....... Gee Tayler, you of all people should know that I may believe this, but what about the other 7 billion that inhabit the earth? Just know it starts with one, and if you show others you love yourself, you will find that people will be more attracted to you, including girls ;).  Also, we women like something, and its pretty weird.... That thing is vunerablity. We are so used to the man in shining armor that a lot of us like it when women have a leading role in a relationship.
Good luck,
Tayler and Lisa

Monday, July 15, 2013

What is Fashion?

These are what I think fashion is. If you agree with me, tell us below and show us how you express yourself.

Fashion is (according to Google)
A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.
Make into a particular form.
noun.  mode - style - manner - way - vogue - form - shape
verb.  shape - mold - mould - form - model - make

Now for my idea of fashion....
Fashion is whatever beats your drum, gets you inspired, shows who you are, and makes you feel confident about yourself. If you can wear a tee shirt that is "in fashion" but it doesent show who you are, dont wear it! You can modify, accessorize, change the color, wear different bottoms with it, and make it your own! If you still feel like you arent representing yourself, dont wear it!

Remember, fashion doesen't make you, you make fashion!

Stay true to yourself,


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be Yourself

Did you know,,,
   Zebras all have striped patterned skins, so that lions have a harder time seeing them. If you think about the reprucussions of being the only pink zebra in the black and white herd, one wouldnt wan to be unique. But maybe we all are wrong. What if we are hiding in our black and white skins from something that is not such a bad thing, something that we will benifit from, like being so original and unique that we amaze people by being ourselves.
    We (in this type of culture) have been raised in the herd, trying not to be noticed, and learning how to stay away from prying eyes. As we fit the generic "nerd", "jock", or "prep", we loose what we were born to be, different. For as zebras hide away from the lions, we hide away from letting others see who we really are. We were born with diversity, because in the wild, the strongest survive and we want different traits so we can find the strongest people.
   If animals in the wild thrive best by diversity, and we are miserable living in a monoculture, why do we stay in a culture that prizes being the same? If you want to be yourself, stop putting up a facade of blankness, and start showing yourself. Start by living YOUR way!

     Have fun and be yourself,

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping Haul At Forever 21 and Charolette Russe!

Lisa and I recently went shopping at Forever 21 and Charolette Russe. You know me as the shopping queen, because I find the best deals. Well today will not disapoint, because I got some great steals and deals

Forever 21

Who doesn't love this store?

O.k. I love this deal, And the best part is (drumroll please) that these tanktops were only $1.80 EACH!!! I indulged and bought six, one in yellow, one in light pink, one in fuschia, one in dark tan, one in white, and one in navy. These are such a staple I will be wearing them forever! These can be layered, under tees, anywhere! This sale will be going on ALL summer so make sure to get a bunch!


I consider this to be a shining sale from heaven! I love to layer tanktops and these v neck tee shirts! And the best part is, they were on sale too! As much as I love shopping, I could not resist this great deal! These tee shirts were $3.80 at Forever 21 and I bought 4, one in white, one in navy, one in tan, and one in teal. The fabric is so soft on my skin, it feels like I am swaddled in a blanket!


This dress is now one of my favorites! It accenuates my body perfectly, has a wonderful print, and has a fantastic neck, not too high, and not too low. And........... it was only $13.40!!!!!!!! I got the beige and dark brown one, which matches my skintone perfectly! I am so happy with this piece of clothing!

Charolette Russe

This store is of legends! They always have so many deals going on, its unimagineable! I love this store because I can always find something cute in my price range!

     Say it with me, "I love Clothing!". Well, these rompers will not disapoint. For 12$, these are such a great fashion statement! If you match brown boots and a faux leather belt, you will be on your way to fashionlandia! These rompers are the epitome of comfort, providing coverage to all your "areas" all the while looking really cute!


If you need sunglasses, go to Charolette Russe! For $3, these sunglasses are fantastic, and they are no cheap knockoffs either! These fit perfectly on my face while being uper stylish and adorable! I love mine, because they are tribal print which fades into a pink ombre. The frames are durable, and they are perfect for a day at the pool. 

10$ heels, need I say more? These are so confortable, stylish, and colorful! I love the coral color and I am sure I will wear them to school. They make me feel like I am walking on sunshine, and that's hard to say in 6 inches. I would so reccomend these to anyone who loves heels

Love Tayler

Best Styles for 2013!

Here are the most popular trends that you must add to your shopping list!
Right now these High Waist Shorts are so popular that I might have just too many of them in my closet! They go with any summery top tucked in or loose.
-American Eagle(!)
-Charlotte Ruse(!)
-Forever 21
-Plato's Closet(!)

Crop tops are the most comfy and stylish trend for summer! Goes with skirts, any shorts or hi lows!
-Charlotte Ruse(!)
-Forever 21
-Urban Outfitters(!)

There is nothing better for summer and spring and fall then floral dresses that brings out the girly side of everyone!
-Forever 21
-Urban Outfitters
Black boots and studs?! First time I saw these I was like hid-dee-ous! Until I tried pairing them with floral dresses and then leggings and realized these boots are best for all seasons and creates an edge to your outfit.
-Jc Penny

It complicated to find these full bodysuit shirts and I have been dying to get one, literately, because I didn't want to wear anything else! Until I found them at Bebe and it was worth the money and the wait because the bodysuits are so comfortable and I can just slip on a pare of shorts over them and don't have to worry if they slip. 
-Forever 21
Stick to the girly side and add a bow to your hair! For ponytails, braids, buns, any hair style. Get them at American Apparel or here on Fashion by Oui!


Ariana Grande Inspired Look!!

If you want to get the Ariana Grande look, these tips will show you what is best to wear and use to achieve her lovely, girly image. 

To start off, to get Ariana's famous red hair, not only is it a total bright, tomato red, but it is also looks healthy. Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color would be the best if you do want to color your hair because it has extra oils to keep it soft and healthy. 
Pick out any of your favorite foundation and concealer that best fits your skin tone. I LOVE to use Mac products when it comes to coverage. Smooth out the makeup with a brush and to top it use a powder foundation to set the makeup and to cancel out any extra oils.
This part is optional. Take an angled brush and your fav bronzer and use that to highlight your cheek bones because aside from her adorable dimples, Ariana is also famous for her lovely facial structure. 

To get Ariana's big, bubbly eyes, start with some natural looking false lashes, not too thick or else that would be Nicki Minaj. Then instead of pushing your lashes up with any mascara, push it to the side to really make your eye pop. 
Now use a thick eyeliner, I like the Cover Girl Liquiline Blast, and outline the top of your eyes and wing a little at the end for more drama. Then outline the water line of your eyes. Optional if you want to finish off your eyes with a light silver or white eyeshadow.

No exception here! Best lipstick that matches Ariana's lips is the Maybelline 14 hours Forever Fuschia. You can use this also on your cheeks for a more natural look and blend it in until it is barely noticeable, but of course we know its still there, with your fingers.  

Last but not least! Use a thin curler or any curler and curl starting from the bottom of your hair to the roots for that cute bounce. Once you've curled it, it might look too curly like they had during the 50s but HELLO! this is the 21 century, so you would want to lightly pull a brush through those curls.

Hopefully following these simple directions you are ready to go out looking adorable like Ariana Grande!