Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion Alert!

The look thats sweeping models off their feet in Milan, New York, And Paris is here! Wavy Curls are in, and are looking fantastic on everyone! Hold onto  your knickers, because these are predicted to be the new ombre and high low.
To create this short, textured look, take the smallest curling iron you have and wrap it around chunks of hair varying from large to small. Make sure each curl is going the opposite way and once youre done, spray with hairspray at the roots. Throw a little gel in your hands and rub it all over your hands and russle your hands through your hair, making sure to increase lots of volume and to let it run wild.  Take your favorite clip and clip some of the layers to the back of your head, and make sure to wear a bold lipstick :)

For these subtule but yet strong waves, take the largest curling iron and make sure to grasp large sections of hair and curl the bottoms of them. Throw your hair to one side and let cool. After about 3 minutes, spray with a little hairspray and brush through the curl. It should be wavy and subtle. Make sure to curl the ends of your layers, and top it off with some dry shampoo for volume.

For the crazy side in a girl, one should try this hairstyle! Get a large 3 barrel curler and crimp your hair from the roots, then brush through with a brush and some hair gel. Try a smokey eye along with this and your outfit will look fantaboulous!

Love Tayler

These are not our photos, just ones we want the whole world to see. Thanks!

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