Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This is for our guy followers out there.....

In our culture, it seems that all girls want guys like this. But the only reason we have put labels on people is because of the way society is based. Our economics revolve around a capitalist system, and buisnesses want us to feel bad about ourselves by making us see an unattainable goal, like this picture of a guy, and promising that their product will make you like this, but here is a secret........... This Picture Is Not Real!!! There is no "perfect guy", and sensible girls should see that. For me, i dont look for a guy with a great profile, but a guy that makes me laugh, smile, and makes me feel comfortable.
I know what you are saying....... Gee Tayler, you of all people should know that I may believe this, but what about the other 7 billion that inhabit the earth? Just know it starts with one, and if you show others you love yourself, you will find that people will be more attracted to you, including girls ;).  Also, we women like something, and its pretty weird.... That thing is vunerablity. We are so used to the man in shining armor that a lot of us like it when women have a leading role in a relationship.
Good luck,
Tayler and Lisa

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