Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ariana Grande Inspired Look!!

If you want to get the Ariana Grande look, these tips will show you what is best to wear and use to achieve her lovely, girly image. 

To start off, to get Ariana's famous red hair, not only is it a total bright, tomato red, but it is also looks healthy. Garnier's Nutrisse Ultra Color would be the best if you do want to color your hair because it has extra oils to keep it soft and healthy. 
Pick out any of your favorite foundation and concealer that best fits your skin tone. I LOVE to use Mac products when it comes to coverage. Smooth out the makeup with a brush and to top it use a powder foundation to set the makeup and to cancel out any extra oils.
This part is optional. Take an angled brush and your fav bronzer and use that to highlight your cheek bones because aside from her adorable dimples, Ariana is also famous for her lovely facial structure. 

To get Ariana's big, bubbly eyes, start with some natural looking false lashes, not too thick or else that would be Nicki Minaj. Then instead of pushing your lashes up with any mascara, push it to the side to really make your eye pop. 
Now use a thick eyeliner, I like the Cover Girl Liquiline Blast, and outline the top of your eyes and wing a little at the end for more drama. Then outline the water line of your eyes. Optional if you want to finish off your eyes with a light silver or white eyeshadow.

No exception here! Best lipstick that matches Ariana's lips is the Maybelline 14 hours Forever Fuschia. You can use this also on your cheeks for a more natural look and blend it in until it is barely noticeable, but of course we know its still there, with your fingers.  

Last but not least! Use a thin curler or any curler and curl starting from the bottom of your hair to the roots for that cute bounce. Once you've curled it, it might look too curly like they had during the 50s but HELLO! this is the 21 century, so you would want to lightly pull a brush through those curls.

Hopefully following these simple directions you are ready to go out looking adorable like Ariana Grande!

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