Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What do YOU like in a pair of Jeans?

Skinnies, Bootcut, Country, Boyfriend.......

All of these words to describe a piece of cloth that we wear on our legs! Then why do we idolize them so much? Jeans have been a clothing staple in our lives, and the first producer of jeans was Levi Strauss, and he invented the idea of putting copper studs in the sides and on the pockets to reinforce them.

Womens jeans before were made with the zippers on the sides, but eventually were made with zippers in the front. So how do YOU like your jeans, for style or for hard work? Now that you know some fun facts about jeans, how are you going to wear them,
With sandals and a tank?
With boots and a sweater?
With flats and a vneck?

Anyway you wear them, keep it styling :),
Love Tayler

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