Monday, July 8, 2013

Best makeup for 2013!

Can I just say, best lipstick/lip balm ever! Not only does Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick have so many different colors and feels like heaven on your lips, but they smell so OMG delicious. Instead of buying the original color sticks at Sephora for $35, I definitely reccomend this just as wonderful and cheaper substitute.

I just recently discovered the Maybelline Color Tatoos by Eyestudio and I must say, best eyeshadow if you want to show off the color and have it stay on for the whole party. You can use them to outline your eyes by using a thin tip brush or just go all out and use your finger to cover the whole eyelid. I just want to collect every color as a hobby!
Obsessed with the original baby lips? Well here's the new Baby Lips ELECTRO addition, thank you Maybelline! They show up brighter and bolder like a neon lipstick, but as soft on your lips as the original.

Want eyeliner and mascara in one? Maybelline's False Lashes or any other curved brush would work as both. If you have longer lashes push them to side to make your eyes look bigger and then use the brush on your bottom lashes. Outline the bottom of your eyes with the same brush and that would work as the liner! 

As you might know, Sephora has a new line of makeup every six month and I just have to buy them all! This month ever since June they came out with the new NAKED and these eyeshadows are amazing if you want to create a bright, natural look or to master a smoky eye. 
Love Lisa
*We do not own or claim any rights to these photos, though we wish we had. We found them interesting and wanted to show everyone how great these are*

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