Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Shopping Haul At Forever 21 and Charolette Russe!

Lisa and I recently went shopping at Forever 21 and Charolette Russe. You know me as the shopping queen, because I find the best deals. Well today will not disapoint, because I got some great steals and deals

Forever 21

Who doesn't love this store?

O.k. I love this deal, And the best part is (drumroll please) that these tanktops were only $1.80 EACH!!! I indulged and bought six, one in yellow, one in light pink, one in fuschia, one in dark tan, one in white, and one in navy. These are such a staple I will be wearing them forever! These can be layered, under tees, anywhere! This sale will be going on ALL summer so make sure to get a bunch!


I consider this to be a shining sale from heaven! I love to layer tanktops and these v neck tee shirts! And the best part is, they were on sale too! As much as I love shopping, I could not resist this great deal! These tee shirts were $3.80 at Forever 21 and I bought 4, one in white, one in navy, one in tan, and one in teal. The fabric is so soft on my skin, it feels like I am swaddled in a blanket!


This dress is now one of my favorites! It accenuates my body perfectly, has a wonderful print, and has a fantastic neck, not too high, and not too low. And........... it was only $13.40!!!!!!!! I got the beige and dark brown one, which matches my skintone perfectly! I am so happy with this piece of clothing!

Charolette Russe

This store is of legends! They always have so many deals going on, its unimagineable! I love this store because I can always find something cute in my price range!

     Say it with me, "I love Clothing!". Well, these rompers will not disapoint. For 12$, these are such a great fashion statement! If you match brown boots and a faux leather belt, you will be on your way to fashionlandia! These rompers are the epitome of comfort, providing coverage to all your "areas" all the while looking really cute!


If you need sunglasses, go to Charolette Russe! For $3, these sunglasses are fantastic, and they are no cheap knockoffs either! These fit perfectly on my face while being uper stylish and adorable! I love mine, because they are tribal print which fades into a pink ombre. The frames are durable, and they are perfect for a day at the pool. 

10$ heels, need I say more? These are so confortable, stylish, and colorful! I love the coral color and I am sure I will wear them to school. They make me feel like I am walking on sunshine, and that's hard to say in 6 inches. I would so reccomend these to anyone who loves heels

Love Tayler

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