Monday, July 8, 2013

Welcome to FashionByOui!

Hey Everyone, and welcome to fashion by oui! We are two friends who have a love for fashion and beauty.

     I'm Tayler and I am so happy to be able to find a way where I can show off what I like and what inspires me. I find beauty everywhere I go, from the ocean to the jungle, from city lights, to the piers of Seattle. I love traveling, dancing, working out, sculpture, art in all forms, swimming, gardening, and fashion design.  I have taken two years of French, and love the culture and the people. I enjoy riding on my horse up trails in the mountains, and looking at the beautiful planet we call earth.

Hi, I'm Lisa, and I'm very glad to be able to be part of this high fashion infulence. I have a love for literature, art, and music. I wish to bring humour and high spirits wherever I go, so I hope your experience with Fashion by Oui would give you both inspiration and joy!

We've made this website to showcase what we think is stylish and fashionable, and to be able to sell our hand made, original crafts and jewelry. If you like what we do be sure to email us at, and we promise to reply speedy quick!

Lisa and Tayler

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