Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be Yourself

Did you know,,,
   Zebras all have striped patterned skins, so that lions have a harder time seeing them. If you think about the reprucussions of being the only pink zebra in the black and white herd, one wouldnt wan to be unique. But maybe we all are wrong. What if we are hiding in our black and white skins from something that is not such a bad thing, something that we will benifit from, like being so original and unique that we amaze people by being ourselves.
    We (in this type of culture) have been raised in the herd, trying not to be noticed, and learning how to stay away from prying eyes. As we fit the generic "nerd", "jock", or "prep", we loose what we were born to be, different. For as zebras hide away from the lions, we hide away from letting others see who we really are. We were born with diversity, because in the wild, the strongest survive and we want different traits so we can find the strongest people.
   If animals in the wild thrive best by diversity, and we are miserable living in a monoculture, why do we stay in a culture that prizes being the same? If you want to be yourself, stop putting up a facade of blankness, and start showing yourself. Start by living YOUR way!

     Have fun and be yourself,

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