Monday, July 15, 2013

What is Fashion?

These are what I think fashion is. If you agree with me, tell us below and show us how you express yourself.

Fashion is (according to Google)
A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.
Make into a particular form.
noun.  mode - style - manner - way - vogue - form - shape
verb.  shape - mold - mould - form - model - make

Now for my idea of fashion....
Fashion is whatever beats your drum, gets you inspired, shows who you are, and makes you feel confident about yourself. If you can wear a tee shirt that is "in fashion" but it doesent show who you are, dont wear it! You can modify, accessorize, change the color, wear different bottoms with it, and make it your own! If you still feel like you arent representing yourself, dont wear it!

Remember, fashion doesen't make you, you make fashion!

Stay true to yourself,


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