Monday, July 8, 2013

Hi Low Skirts and Dresses


      You have seen them everywhere. On the streets, in the stores.......
      You even might have them in your closet...

What do you think, do you embrace the trend, or go for something new. Many of us think that because something is "popular" or you see that cool girl wearing one, but wouldn't you rather be thought of someone fancy and unique? I myself have a gorgeous lavender Hi Low that I adore, but instead of the typical front to the back, I have one with a whole new cut that I think matches my personality. In my opinion, Hi Low dresses are a great new addition to your wardrobe, as long as you make them you're one of a kind style. Here's some cute ones I like that defy expectations.

Love Tayler :)

P.S. tell me what YOU think "fashion" is, and how you express yourself in the comments section below and How you wear your Hi Lows
Comfort Street Wear

Glitzy Prom

Formal Prom Fancy

Casual Chic
*We do not own or claim any rights to these fantastic photos, though we wish we had. We found them interesting and wanted to show everyone how great these are*


  1. Beautiful styles...
    I've just discovered ur blog and i love it

  2. Thanks,
    We are so glad that you like our blog, if you want a catalogue of even cuter things that we make ourselves that are original, and one of a kind, just email us at .
    Tayler and Lisa